Unknown Tongues
Cajun Zydeco Band
Gloucester, NC

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 UNKNOWN TONGUES AND FRIENDS was  recorded LIVE at the famous SNOWY GRAS  of 2010! Featuring: Haw River Rounders, MRA Cajun Ramblers, Buffalo  Creek, Magnolia Sunrise, Lost Girls, and Unknown Tongues!  "Sounds like Mardi Gras spirit!"  CLICK TO HEAR SAMPLER!

captures one of the Unknown Tongues classic shows! We dedicated this recording to NC commercial fishermen and shot our photos at Beaufort Fisheries fish factory...

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 TONGUE AND GROOVE is the Unknown  Tongues's  studio recording. It features  guest fiddler Matt Hayney and friend Margie  Misenheimer. Mascot in the studio was a Raleigh  dog named Shrimp Boat!

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