MardiGras Feb. 15, 2014

Sponsored by the
Unknown Tongues Cajun Zydeco Band
Laissez les bon temps roulez!

Here it
Comes Again!
The 22st Annual
Gloucester Mardi Gras!

dylan6 (25K) 

2012 Gloucester Mardi Gras Queen!

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       Masks!                                                      Friends!                       Cajun Fried Turkey!                           Fun for Kids!

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Who Dat?

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Tie Brigade!

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Hot Pepper Pinata!


 Mardi Gras!
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DSCN1807 (12K) Guess Who? 

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Connie Mason!
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Mardi Gras CD!

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 21th Annual Mardi

dylan5 (28K) Accordions!

Merch Girls!
Mardi Gras scenes from  2012!2011!2010! 2009!2008!2007! 2006! 2005!2004! 2003! Prehistoric Times!

Want to PITCH IN and help us buy beads, crowns, shrimp, and feathers?
Throw us a donation! (Not tax-deductable)

February 9, 2013
- Unknown Tongues will host the 21st annual Gloucester, NC Mardi Gras at the Community Club.  Preparations start the Friday night before with veggie chopping and a music jam. Mardi Gras starts about 11:00 Saturday morning with live music. Gumbo, deep fried turkey, crawfish, and delicious side dishes are ready by early afternoon, announced by a Fool's Procession. Mask and hat-making available! Costumes welcome! Unknown Tongues plays around 3:00, kicking the dance off with the children's King and Queen coronation, march, and bead toss. "Keeper of the Sacred Food List" Margie is accepting gumbo donations (chicken, sausage, onions, garlic, etc.)! Call 252-729-8021 to donate. This event is always FREE and OPEN to everybody. Kids and instruments? Oui! Dogs? Non! Need more info? Call Barbara or Bryan 252-729-8021.

We model our Mardi Gras after the community spirit of the RURAL Mardi Gras of Southwest Lousiana, without the horses, whips, and stealing of chickens. Click here to learn about Mardi Gras of Acadiana! 

Directions:  Gloucester Mardi Gras is located at 476 Pigott Rd., Gloucester, NC 28528. Take US 70 east from Beaufort, NC over the North River bridge through Bettie and Otway. Turn right at Harkers Island Road (follow the Cape Lookout National Seashore signs) at crossroad's convenient store. Go three miles or so and take the first paved left (Straits Road) that forks off from Harkers Island Road. Bear left at traffic triangle, go about a half mile, and take first paved right (Pigott Rd.). Follow this loop road as it curves to the left, and you'll see Mardi Gras on right on corner of Pigott and Ferry Dock road. Click for MAP! 

Lodging Suggestions: Beaufort (15 miles away): Inlet Inn (on Taylor's Creek) 252-728-3600, Carteret County Home Bed and Breakfast (Hwy 101) 252-728-4611. More Info on These and Other Inns in Beaufort!

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